Director of Communications, PR, Marketing

E-mail: info@ibbqa.org

[_Title]Gary Wiviott is Pitmaster of Barn & Company, a bustling BBQ restaurant in Chicago, an in-demand BBQ consultant, barbecue life coach and author of "Low and Slow: Master the Art of Barbecue in 5 Easy Lessons".

Committed to spreading the gospel of low and slow barbecue, he has been featured on the Chicago episodes of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, publications ranging from Forbes to Rachel Ray Magazine and is no stranger to the most popular national barbecue forums and food communities, including TheSmokeRing.com, Slow Food USA and the Society for the Preservation of Traditional Southern Barbecue. Gary was co-founder of LTHForum.com, the Chicago-based Culinary chat site and co-founder of the Windy City Rib Classic.


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