Firehouse Community Arts Center

Dave Raymond along with Beth Kutera of Equipment Dynamics and an IBBQA charter member are leading a team of dedicated individuals to build a kitchen for the North Lawndale Community Center.  The kitchen will feature a Southern Pride Smoker, provided at an attractive price by Rich Wood of Southern Pride and an, IBBQA charter member.  The combined efforts of Alliance members will enable young people in the community to receive culinary training that will lead to jobs as well as preparing and serving meals to be consumed by needy families in the North Lawndale Community.

We have partnered with the The Chicago Food Depository on this very worthwhile effort to help support and feed families in need. Dave has had the privilege of being a first responder to the tornado in Washington Illinois, and witnessed tragedy first hand and how people respond to it.  In North Lawndale the opportunity to make a difference is not only apparent, the assistance is greatly needed. Dave Raymond was quoted as saying, “One person at a time, one event at time, it all helps and it all makes a difference. “


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