News from the Jack Daniels Invitational

Illinois BBQ Represents big at 25th Annual Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational BBQ



We took 1st place in pork shoulder/Butts category and 5th overall at the 25th Annual Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational BBQ! It was an honor to be there and cook both the Invitational and The Winner's Circle (22 of the past 24 Champions). It was a bit (wink, wink) stressful making and turning in 8 boxes in 2 hours, but we did it and are happy with our results.

There are 97 teams in the Invitational, QUAU took 25th/chicken, 19th/ribs, 1st/pork (walk to the stage and a trophy), 29th/brisket, making us 5th overall! Congrats to Cool Smoke, Tuffy Stone who is the 25th Jack Daniel's Champion and A Boy and His BBQ, Shad and Angie Kirton for Reserve Grand Champion! Of the twenty two teams in the Winner's Circle, we were 9th/chicken, 14th/ribs, 1st/pork, 8th/brisket, making us 6th overall.

Congratulations to Pigskin BBQ, Scott and Katy, for Grand Champion and Cancer Sucks Chicago.com, Scottie, LizAnne, Zoe, and Lexi for Reserve Grand Champion! Congratulations to all who heard their name and made the walk to the stage!! We always have a great time while at The Jack and were happy to have the whole family with us this year, and made some great memories with all our friends!!

Other Notable ILLINOIS Top 10 Winners:

5. QUAU, Brimfield, Ill.
9. Gilly’s BBQ, Taylorville, Ill.

Winner Pork Shoulder/Butts – QUAU, Brimfield, Ill.

For More Information: http://www.jackdanielsbarbecuemedia.com/news/


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